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Billetsystemet 2006 v2.1
Billetsystemet 2006 v2.1 has been released! Click here to learn more

Kassesystemet at Work
"Kassesystemet" being used in a women's clothing store - click here to learn more

So Easy!
Anybody can use Billetsystemet!

Kassesystemet (The Point-Of-Sale System)
An ordinary cash register registers sales of products to customers. Each sale is registered with its total amount of money, the products sold, and time of sale. Advanced cash registers furthermore store information about what employee performed the sale and how the customer paid for the products purchased. While a cash register provides a very limited set of functionality, the Point-Of-Sale (POS) system is extremely rich on features. The POS is in reality a super-advanced cash register, providing such functionality as stock control, returned products, gift certificates, customers, and suppliers to name just a few. A POS can be characterized by having a large permanent storage compared to a cash register. The system registers and stores all information about each sale and allows for later extraction of data.

"Kassesystemet" is a full-featured POS (see feature list) that provides all functionality expected from a such. Kassesystemet is superior to other POS systems in a number of ways which are described below. Kassesystemet is sold as a complete system, including both hard- and software.

Main Screen

Main Screen

Product Administration Module

Analysis Module

Kassesystemet consists of the following hardware (which is provided by Regnecentralen at purchase): IBM-compatible PC (including a two-disk RAID), LCD monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse, transaction printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawer. All is aesthetically pleasing quality hardware from recognized vendors. Different monitors, keyboards, and mice are available.

The software in Kassesystemet is a combination of an operating system, a database system, and a POS system. The operating- and database systems are based on open-source UNIX software making Kassesystemet extremely reliable and very affordable.
The POS-software of Kassesystemet is designed by Regnecentralen and is composed by the following five modules: Cash-register, product- and stock administration, employee administration, supplier administration, and analysis. Each module is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. The graphical user interface is designed using the same interface style as well known Microsoft products. This makes Kassesystemet very intuitive and easy to use. Access to each module is controlled by the Employee Access Manager (EAM) which allows the administrator of the system to assign different levels of access to each employee.

Recommendation From Customer
"We started using "Kassesystemet" in Butik THOMAS in 2002. The guys from Regnecentralen installed the system in the shop during the evening and we started using it the following day. I decided to buy Regnecetralen's system because of it's reliability - I am by no means a computer expert and do NOT want a system that crashes when I have customers waiting.

The system is very simple to use, reliable, inexpensive, and gives full control of my stock, employees, sales, and purchases. We have been using the system every day for three years now and have not had problems of any kind. I can't say enough positive things about the system. I think all shop managers should seriously consider using it. It pays off!

Anette H. Møller, Manager
Randers, Denmark

Buying Kassesystemet
Please see the sales section for information on how to buy Kassesystemet.

Further Information
If you need further information on Kassesystemet please contact us.

As per January 1st 2008 "Kassesystemet" is discontinued.

Cheapest full-featured POS on the market
Very easy to use - requires only a minimum of training
Very stable and reliable UNIX-based system

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